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Endurance Trials started a number of years ago in the UK, with events running mainly on private property venues and locations. Given its concept of a very competitive yet affordable branch of Motorsport, ALMC Motor Club, with the support of the relevant Motorsport Ireland sub committees, made the decision in 2011 to run the first event of its kind in Ireland.

The event was based in Luttrellstown Castle, as it has been since its inception, and offered a real challenge to existing Autotest and Night Navigation competitors, as well as those dipping their toes into the world of Motorsport for the first time.

The concept was and still is, a very simple one. Competing cars are divided into 5/6 classes, and all are affordable vehicles, with limits placed on engine size/capacity, and tyres. Certain Safety features are incorporated into each vehicle, and each car must be presented for pre-event Scrutiny.

Separate venues are used during the event (ALMC has used private farms, freight yards and industrial estates over the last few years), and the venues can be some distance apart, adding to the "endurance" element to the event. During each test, which competitors are given in "tulip" format and sometimes in diagram form, the driver and navigator must drive to the finish as quickly as possible, but at the same time stop (stationary) at a variety of locations during the test such as Stop Boxes (marshalled), or to collect codes at a Code Board.

This serves to keep average speed to a minimum, and as a pre-defined "target time" based on a defined speed for the test is known, the object for each competitor is to minimise their penalties during the event.



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