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With apologies for the delay, the Award Winners for the Beginners and Novice Classes from the Endurance Trial are as below;

Beginner Driver: Ross Cullen

Beginner Navigator: Diarmuid Murphy

Novice Driver: Craig O'Rourke

Novice Navigator: Art McCarrick


All Competitors for the 2018 ALMC Spring Lanes Endurance Trial have been automatically registered, please find below the full Championship Regulations for those competitors and those hoping to compete in the remaining Rounds of the 2018 Championship.


2018 Championship Regulations in .pdf


2018 Championship Regulations in .doc



Final Results from the ALMC Motor Club Spring Lanes Endurance Trial are as follows

Overall Winners

1 Peter Barrable/Gary McElhinney Toyota Starlet 1B
2 Robert Barrable/Ciaran Larkin Toyota Starlet 1B 
3 Karl O’Donoghue/Evin Hughes Toyota Starlet 1B 

Class 1A

1 Nicole Drought/Ruth Nugent Nissan Micra

2 Brian Kirwan/Elaine Kirwan Nissan Micra 

Class 1B

1 Kevin O’Rourke/Dave Ray Toyota Starlet 

2 Kevin Fitzgerald/Kevin Fagan Toyota Starlet 

3 John Farrelly/John Whelan Toyota Starlet 

4 Robert Howard/Claire Murtagh Toyota Starlet 

5 Glynn Gaffney/Alan Dolan Toyota Starlet

Class 2

1 Mark Reilly/Mark Convey Toyota Starlet 

2 Colin Sheridan/Owen Sheridan Toyota Starlet

3 Keith Farrell/Dylan Farrell Toyota Starlet 

Class 3

1 Dermot McCafferty/Paddy McCrudd Toyota Starlet 

2 Joe Murray/Tommy Hayes Toyota Starlet 

3 Sean McEnroe/Enda Shiels Proton 

Class 6

1 Niall Murray/Sam Dolan Mazda MX5 

2 Declan Burke/Padraic Forde VW Beetle


N.B Novice Drivers and Navigators. If, prior to the ALMC Endurance Trial, you had competed once, twice or three times in an Endurance/Lanes Event, you may have qualified for an Award! Please contact 087-6187829 as soon as possible if this is the case.

N.B. Beginner Drivers and Navigators. If this was your very first event of this type, you too may have qualified for an Award! Please contact 087-6187829 as soon as possible if this is the case.


ALMC Spring Endurance Trial, 2018 General Classification
Sat Feb 24

1 Peter Barrable/Gary McElhinney Toyota Starlet 1B 5:48
2 Robert Barrable/Ciaran Larkin Toyota Starlet 1B 5:49
3 Karl O’Donoghue/Evin Hughes Toyota Starlet 1B 6:05
4 Kevin O’Rourke/Dave Ray Toyota Starlet 1B 1 6:14
5 Kevin Fitzgerald/Kevin Fagan Toyota Starlet 1B 2 6:26
6 John Farrelly/John Whelan Toyota Starlet 1B 3 7:17
7 Dermot McCafferty/Paddy McCrudd Toyota Starlet 3 1 7:23
8 Robert Howard/Claire Murtagh Toyota Starlet 1B 4 7:23
9 Glynn Gaffney/Alan Dolan Toyota Starlet 1B 5 7:33
10 Rod McGovern/Simon Echlin Toyota Starlet 1B 6 7:35
11 Derek Butler/Aaron O’Regan Toyota Starlet 1B 7 7:40
12 Graham O’Donoghue/Ian McCullagh Toyota Starlet 1B 8 7:50
13 Simon Evans/Maurice McMonagle Toyota Starlet 1B 9 7:53
14 Patrick Corcoran/Gary Egan Toyota Starlet 1B 10 8:02
15 Mark Reilly/Mark Convey Toyota Starlet 2 1 8:06
16 Enda Haran/Sean Heart Toyota Starlet 1B 11 8:08
17 Joe Murray/Tommy Hayes Toyota Starlet 3 2 8:17
18 Sean McEnroe/Enda Shiels Proton 3 3 9:06
19 Niall Murray/Sam Dolan Mazda MX5 6 1 9:07
20 Craig O Rourke/Diarmuid Murphy Toyota Starlet 1B 12 9:29
21 Colin Sheridan/Owen Sheridan Toyota Starlet 2 2 9:30
22 Leigh Cavanagh/Art McCarrick Toyota Starlet 1B 13 9:58
23 Ciaran Garahy/Hannah Garahy Toyota Starlet 1B 14 10:13
24 Ross Cullen/Shane Patton Toyota Starlet 1B 15 10:29
25 Simon Love/Sean Conway Toyota Starlet 1B 16 11:08
26 Nicole Drought/Ruth Nugent Nissan Micra 1A 1 11:10
27 Brian Duggan/Ken Carmody Toyota Starlet 1B 17 11:11
28 Michael Cahill/Claire Vaughan Volvo 340 3 4 11:43
29 Darragh Smyth/Benny Smyth Toyota Starlet 1B 18 11:44
30 Keith Farrell/Dylan Farrell Toyota Starlet 2 3 11:44
31 Samuel Patterson/Carol Patt Honda Civic 3 5 12:00
32 Brian Kirwan/Elaine Kirwan Nissan Micra 1A 2 12:10
33 David Byrne/Leanne Carroll Fiat Seicento 1B 19 12:12
34 Damien Treanor/Thomas Treanor Toyota Starlet 1B 20 12:18
35 Jack Quinn/Brian Kingston Peugeot 106 R 2 4 12:26
36 Gary Bradley/Stephen Kennedy Toyota Starlet 1B 21 12:32
37 Noel Devlin/Ann Marie Mulvey Skoda Felicia 1B 22 12:59
38 Kieran Garahy/Jane Garahy Toyota Starlet 2 5 12:59
39 Declan Burke/Padraic Forde VW Beetle 6 2 13:03
40 Kevin Dempsey/Derbhaile Garahy Toyota Starlet 2 6 13:05
41 Gordon Reilly/Thomas Crowe Rover 200 2 7 13:07
42 Noel Broderick/Joe Doran Toyota Starlet 2 8 13:50
43 Ivor Roddy/Martin McAteer Peugeot 106 1B 23 13:53
44 Michael Kehoe/John Maher Peugeot 206 3 6 14:51
45 Philip Deane/Jean Lawlor Mitsubishi Colt 1B 24 16:02
46 Darren Moore/Ultan Bland Toyota Starlet 1B 25 18:40
47 Paddy Fay/Eoin Longworth Toyota Starlet 2 9 20:10
48 Ger Keane/Paul Sealy Toyota Starlet 1B 26 21:58

ALMC Motor Club would like to acknowledge the help of all the Marshals and Timekeepers that worked in very cold conditions on Saturday for the Endurance Trial! Help was on hand from Monaghan Motor ClubCavan MotorclubLaois Rally Sport-ClubTipperary Light Car & Motorcycle ClubDunboyne Motor ClubTDC IrelandWexford Motor-Club and many other individual marshals. Thanks for taking the time to help ALMC, and we will be returning the favour during 2018!

Huge thanks go out to Maxol Maynooth for their kind sponsorship of Marshals Meal Packs, and Autoglym Ireland for the Autoglym Gift sets for each competing car, at the Spring Lanes Endurance Trial, the Club really appreciates it. Don't forget to support our sponsors when the opportunity arises!


Key Times for Endurance Trial


Trailer Park: Opens at 8:00 a.m.

Scrutiny: Begins at 8:30 a.m.

Event Office: Opens upstairs in Clubhouse at 8:00 a.m.

Scrutiny: Ends at 11:00 a.m.

Trailer Park: Closes at 11:00 a.m. SHARP. Please leave your towing vehicle with the trailer.

COMPETING CARS ONLY will be allowed into the Trailer Park post Event to be loaded up

All Competing Cars MUST be in Parc Ferme at 11:15 a.m. at the absolute latest.

Drivers Briefing Starts at 11:30 a.m SHARP.

Drivers Briefing will end before 12 p.m.

First Competing Car leaves at 12:30 p.m. as per Event schedule.

First Car back to Luttrellstown at 8:04 p.m.

2017 Endurance Championship Prizegiving will take place at 20:30.

Provisional Results posted 8:45 p.m. (approx.)

Results made Final at 9:15 p.m. (approx) with Prizegiving immediately afterwards

N.B. All Trailers must be removed from the Trailer Park before 10 p.m.




FAO Endurance Trial Competitors, please pay particular attention to the list below, which will make up the detail of the Drivers Briefing at Luttrellstown on Saturday morning.


Summary of Drivers Briefing

Pre Event Start

• Absolutely no trailers in Car Park, and if parking in Luttrellstown to park as close to Parc Ferme as possible.
• Original Insurance Disc for IRDS in Luttrellstown.
• Put Competing Car numbers onto Time cards before Start!

During Event

• N.B. Split/Merge Procedure, giving way to car approaching the Split.
• Emergency Number on Timecards
• Lunch Time Out is fixed, regardless of the time you arrive at.
• Stop Sign marshal on Route
• N.B. Stop Box and Finish Box procedure
• N.B. Two way traffic on route
• Lots of time on schedule, no need to rush
• No In Car video allowed on Selectives
• Passage Control Locations after Luttrellstown and Stanleys
• Buy lunch and dinner vouchers in Luttrellstown
• Query sheets available at Lunch halt
• Retirement number
• Keep numbers and Reg plates clean throughout event
• Absolutely no reversing at any time during tests
• Emphasise Results are penalty based and missing Stop boxes and Finish Boxes costs valuable penaties.
• Hi Vis jackets from 5 pm onwards
• Careful at McHales 2 exit especially
• Stop Boxes may be moved slightly between tests if surface damages badly
• Punch Stop Box in LT, treat with care, marshal nearby

Post Event & Prizegiving

• Trailer collection, competing cars only allowed into Trailer Park
• Prizegiving Attendance....
• Absolutely no trailers in Car Park, and if parking in Luttrellstown to park as close to PF as possible

Please click here to see the latest Seeded Entry List to include updated Navigator Names.


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