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ALMC Endurance Trial 2017
Seeded Entry List

1 Robert Barrable/Ciaran Larkin Starlet 1B
2 Karl O'Donoghue/Evin Hughes Starlet 1B
3 Kevin O'Rourke/Dave McAuley Starlet 1B
4 Peter Barrable/Conor Mohan Starlet 1B
5 Graham O'Donoghue/Eoin McHale Starlet 1B
6 Ted Gaffney/Karen Gaffney Starlet 1B
7 Martin Nugent/Paul Tierney Escort 5
8 Glyn Gaffney/Alan Dolan Starlet 1B
9 Patrick Corcoran/Joe Corcoran Starlet 1B
10 Damien Doran/James Mansfield Starlet 1B
11 Des Bruton/Ed Colton Avenger 5
12 Colin Sheridan/Breen Sheridan Starlet 2
14 Sean McEnroe/Martin Quinn Proton 3
15 Mark Reilly /Darragh Gibbons Starlet 2
16 Brian Duggan/Ken Carmody Starlet 1B
17 Oisin Sherlock/Shane Farrell Micra 1A
18 Patricia Denning / Joe Downey Starlet 3
19 Philip Armstrong/ Frank Hussey Volvo 5
20 Mark Durnin/Tom Harmon Starlet 1B
21 Leanne Carroll/David Byrne Seicento 1B
22 Bobby Hennessey/Robert Hennessey Starlet 1B
23 Gordon Reilly/Ross Englishby Celica 3
24 Eoin Longworth/Patrick O'Leary Starlet 2
25 Martin Moore/Robert King Starlet 1B
26 Sean Daly/David O'Donoghue Corolla 1B
27 Robert Lewis/Eoghan McCarthy Starlet 1B
28 Gerry Joyce/Stephen Joyce Starlet 2
29 Nial Murphy/Ray Heney BMW 3
30 John Carty/Chris Driver Starlet 5
31 Richard Stafford/Sean Furlong Seicento 1B
32 Catherine Dancey/Robert Dancey Seicento 1A
33 Brian Kirwan/Tim Boyle Micra 1A
34 Philip Deane/William O'Brien Colt 1B

Please click on the link below for the Final Instructions for the ALMC Endurance Trial on Saturday, February 18th.

Competitors taking part in the Endurance Trial are asked to pay particular attention to the following notice from the latest Motorsport Ireland Bulletin regarding tyres for Endurance events in 2017.

Tyres for Endurance Events: Further to Article 21.14 of Appendix 35, the sub-committee has decided, at its December meeting, that the following will apply in regard to Tyres on Endurance Events for 2017:

a) The general overall prohibition on tyres with marking such as “for Competition Use only” will continue.

b) Retro Classes: Tyres Free (subject to a above). (It is noted that such cars are not eligible for overall awards, that numbers are limited, and that available wheel sizes for Retro Cars impose limitations on the availability of suitable tyres).

c) All other Classes: Tyres Free (subject to a above) except that Yokohama A021R tyres are prohibited on driven wheels.


Things are shaping up nicely for the ALMC Endurance Trial on Saturday 18th February based out of Fairyhouse Racecourse, Ratoath, Co. Meath.

With many competitors feeling the pinch this year, ALMC are ensuring the competitors get the maximum value for their entry fee. Just look at what is being lined up for entrants in 2017:

  • 20 Selectives
  • Total Route of c.160km
  • Entry Fee down 25% on 2016
  • 90% Tarmac / 10% loose
  • MX5 Trophy (see regs)
  •  Beginners Prize of a half day in a fully prepared endurance spec car (with cage/seats/harnesses etc.)
  • New selectives including a 'driving test' style selective.
  • In keeping with the "Endurance" name, all finishers will be in the car for approx 7 hours on the day. And should you hit mechanical issues that's not a problem - you can skip tests whilst you fix your car and get back into the action later in the day.
  • Post Event Prizegiving in the County Club, Rathbeggan (on the Old N3) after the event.

*That's a lot of value for the €200 entry fee!*



Endurance Trials are broken into 7 separate classes. The emphasis is to keep costs down for prospective competitors so you will see many competitors opt for cars such as the Toyota Starlet, Nissan Micra, Fiat Cinquecento, Fiat Sceicento.....whatever can be bought, begged or borrowed from the small ads pages!

The maximum engine size is 1400cc however, there will be competitors with bigger engined cars (Vectras, MX5's, 3 Series Compacts and Ford Escorts for example) - these cars are not permitted to be classified in the overall results but will compete for their own class and more importantly they will have a great day's craic!

The classes are:

  • Class 1A: Cars built to Endurance Specification up to 1000cc
  • Class 1B: Cars built to Endurance Specification between 1001cc and 1400cc
  • Class 2: Navigation Trial cars up to 1400 c.c.
  • Class 3: Navigation Trial cars from 1401 to 2000 c.c.
  • Class 4: Front Wheel Drive Retro type cars.
  • Class 5: Rear Wheel Drive Retro type cars.
  • Class 6: All MX5 Cars


There are a few basic Safety Modifications required to each competing car. The below is a basic list. Please see Appendix 35 of the MI Yearbook for more information.

  • A reflective red warning triangle, first aid kit, tow rope and SOS/OK board must be carrried
  • Hi-Vis jackets for both crew members must be carried.
  • Full safety harnesses are mandatory for all competing cars. These can be of four point ‘Clubman’ type or the quick release ‘Aircraft’ harnesses.
  • Front windscreen of laminated glass.
  • Mud-flaps for all four wheels.



  • You will need a Motorsport Ireland Road National B licence (for Drivers) and a Rally Navigator licence (for Navigators). These are available from as little as €40 for a first time competitor. The form can be downloaded from the Motorsport Ireland website at
  • The Driver will need to have a valid Road Licence as you will have to travel on the public road (while obeying the rules of the road!) to get between the competitive selectives. Note-all drivers must be IRDS/BRDS registered or no start - no exceptions to this rule.
  • Drivers will need to be on the Irish/British Rally Drivers Scheme (IRDS/BRDS) database. This is to ensure that you have third party road insurance cover for the non-competitive elements of the event.
  • You should familiarise youself with the rules of Endurance Trials which are in Appendix 35 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook (available on
  • You need to submit an entry for the event. Entry forms are on the ALMC Website and cost €200. Entries are flowing in already so don't delay!! The max number of starters is strictly limited to 50 crews.


Still not convinced? Here's some action from the Monaghan Endurance Trial! 


The ALMC Spring Endurance Trial will take place on Saturday, February 18th 2017 and will be based out of Ratoath, Co Meath. Please note the date change for this event to February 18th.


Full details and regs will be published shortly. 

Are you thinking about competing in Motorsport but finances mean that you are not quite ready to order that new R5 Fiesta from Malcolm Wilson? Maybe you are looking for a cheap and fun single-day event with minimal pre-event preparation and free of the dreaded 2016 insurance levy?


Endurance Trials were introduced to Ireland by the ALMC Motor Club in 2011 and are designed to be a cost-effective formula for standard road cars up to 1400cc. Some basic modifications are required - such as the fitting of 3-point "clubman" type belts and the addition of a first aid kit, hi-vis jackets and an OK board - all of which can be easily sourced and fitted. Competitors are also required to have a competition licence and are permitted to add a sump guard, spot lights, tripmeter and roll cage if desired however, the addition of a roll cage will introduce the necessity for crash helmets to be worn. Typically, competitors chariot of choice has been the Toyota Starlet however, all vehicles are eligible with navigation cars having their own separate class, catering for the over 1400cc vehicles. In recent times, many of the Northern Ireland "Lanes" competitors have ventured South, taking advantage of the favourable exchange rate and introducing the nimble Mazda MX5 to the discipline.


In terms of the competition, events usually consist of around 20 "selectives" usually held in quarries, farm tracks or private estates. There is no recce involved and each crew is issued with a road book on the morning of the event which contains "tulip" route instructions, diagrams of selectives and time cards. Throughout the selectives crews can be required to negotiate chicanes, demonstrate some autotest skills around poles and collect data from code-boards (keeping the average speeds down). As well as being an enjoyable event with a great social side, Endurance trials are a great opportunity for budding Stage Rally or Navigation Rally crews to hone their skills before jumping in at the deep end (some crews have been known to plot the route on Ordnance Survey maps to practice for night-navs).


The formula has proven very successful to date with the ALMC, Monaghan and Birr events attracting large entries and close competition in 2015. Last year’s championship saw crews tackle the tricky lanes of Luttrellstown, the curves of Latton Circuit and the gravelly forests of Coolrain in Laois.


The ALMC Spring Endurance Trial takes place on Saturday March 5th at Luttrellstown Golf Club, Dublin and entries are now open. Regs can downloaded from the club's website The club have laid out a challenging and compact route with selectives in Luttrellstown Estate (including a 15km test in the dark), Fairyhouse Racecourse and some private grounds in Co. Meath. The first car leaves the HQ at midday with the first car crossing the finish at approximately 7:30pm.


The calendar for 2016 includes ALMC (March 5th), Monaghan (August 14th), Birr (October 9th) and Donegal (November 5th). Further information is available from the ALMC Website ( or from the ALMC Club PRO (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Darragh Gibbons. (@darraghgibbons)


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